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The Cocktail Bar at Clanwilliam Lodge


The Cocktail Bar at Clanwilliam Lodge is Unique in the context that it offers a large variety of cocktails, shooters, hot drinks and many more.  We also recently launched the rooibos products which are mostly non- alcoholic.  Most if not all of these beverages have been experimented right here at Clanwilliam  Lodge.  So as such we know exactly what we are making.

We ensure that we make the right combinations of cocktails and shooters. 

Some of the Cocktails we have:

  • Walking in the sea
  • Margarita
  • Pnia Colade
  • Blue Bay
  • Long Island Ice tea

Some Shooters in the bar includes

  • Kalahari Ferrari
  • Sowetan Toilet
  • Jelly Baby
  • Heaven and Earth

The bartenders you will eet are Caspre or Jimmy .  They have been there for more than six years, that implies that they have the knowledge about the lodge as well as Clanwilliam as a whole.

The Cocktail bar normally serves local wines from the surrounding areas.  As they say "local is lekker". The beverage service experience here will not be found anywhere else.

Come and be pampered.