Bedouin Day Beds

More about Bedouin

The Bedouin Tribe “They are like a tree, with deep roots in their desert past (the word Bedouin comes from the Arabic word badu, which means desert) and its crown in modern life, seeking to live in both world”

Bedouin day beds at the Clanwilliam Lodge is the colour of the Desert sand, with drapes of material to ensure that your thoughts reach the stars – “When you sleep in a house your thoughts are as high as the ceiling. When your sleep outside they are as high as the stars.”- Bedouin Proverb.

King-size four poster beds made of wood recycled from the original Girls Hostel.

These beds all contribute to the tranquillity of Clanwilliam Lodge and invite the guest to just come and relax next to the sparkling swimming pool. One cannot resist taking up this wordless invitation even if it is for just a minute or two waiting for someone.

Jimmy is also ready serving you’re your favourite cocktail from the Bar. The Palm Restaurant right there on site is ideal to order snacks from while enjoying the hot summer days of Clanwilliam.


Remember the UVB is high in South Africa, always ensure to wear a sunhat, and sunblock Skin Cancer is a reality in South Africa Children need more protection. Sun Tan Lotions are available at Sederkem Pharmacy down the Road from Clanwilliam Lodge

Listen how Bedouin is pronounced