South African Spring Wildflowers 2014

While visiting the Clanwilliam Lodge during August to the end of September you can include various wildflower day trips in your activities. During Spring in the Clanwilliam, Cederberg area you will notice that the always dusty earths changes in fields of colour for short periods of time

The Wildflowers are very peculiar and need certain conditions before showing off their beauty. The very first factor having a huge influence on this beautiful display is the winter rainfall preceeding August. Ideally the area should experience constant rainfall for a day or two followed with a few hot sunny days.  The amount of rain determines whether it is good flower year or not.  Thus said you will always see some flowers at this time of the year, as dryer years will relate in scenes of different types of flowers.

Clanwilliam Lodge incourage our guest to follow the weather as flowers will only open on sunshine days and the temperature should be more than 14˚C. 

As the best time of the day to view flowers is between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm you have more than enough time to lesurely enjoy a hearty breakfast for The Palms Restaurant on site before embarking on a wildflower trip for the day.  For the Guest traveling to far desitinations such as the Namaqualand national park, leaving early morning can arrange  to pick up one of our Breakfast, Lunch, Snack boxes ideally for on the go visitors.

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