Stop At Englishman's Grave

When you stay at Clanwilliam Lodge, there are many attractions in less than an hour’s drive from Clanwiliam. The English man's Grave is one of them and a “must see” "must do.

While not a desitation as such it is worth a brief stop. A small sign near the dirt road for the Wuppertal turnoff points to “The Englishman’s Grave.”

The headstone is in the form of a Celtic cross and bears the words “BRAVE AND TRUE.” At the base of the cross is inscribed (One can hardly read this)

"In sacred and loving memory of Graham Vinicombe Winchester Clowes Lieutenant 1st Battn. the Gordon Highlanders… killed in action near this spot on 30th January 1901".

A small low iron fence surround the grave with a large tree providing a shadow in a protective way.

Note: Order Snack boxes from the The Palms Restaurant at Clanwiliam Lodge