Visit Leipoldt's Grave

When you stay at Clanwilliam Lodge, there are many attractions in less than an hour’s drive from Clanwiliam. C.Louis Leipoldt's grave is one of them and a “must see” "must do.

History-lovers should stop at C. Louis Leipoldt's grave, which can be found approximately halfway along the route on the eastern side of the road. Johann Gottlieb Leipoldt, his grandfather, founded the tiny Moravian mission station of Wuppertal. C. Louis Leipoldt was a well-known paediatrician, botanist, cook, and, above all, poet.

The three prominent peaks on the skyline on the other side of the road, “Faith”, “Hope” and “Charity”, were named by Leipoldt and are visible from his grave.

He never married. He died in Cape Town but, because of his deep love for the Hantam— a beautiful, mountainous and wild district north of Cape Town— his ashes were laid to rest in the rugged Pakhuis Pass (Storehouse Pass), near Clanwilliam.

Take with:

Camera Comfortable shoes Sunhat, sunglases, sunscreen Enough water

Note: Remember to order your Snack or Picknick boxes from The Palms Restaurant at Clanwilliam Lodge for day trips.